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Young Forum Mentorship Program

  The Young Forum Mentorship Program provides young researchers with the opportunity to meet and consult with senior members of the society who may then serve as mentors. For senior researchers, this is an opportunity to share ideas and get to know up and coming researchers in the field. Mentor and mentee are encouraged to share knowledge, skills, advice and experiences. The mentors are able to give a unique perspective, different from that of a supervisor, and are able to remain mentors in the years to come. By signing up to the program, we will help assign the optimal mentor to mentee.  Communication can start via email and a first face to face to meeting will be arranged during the annual conference. In addition, use the mentorship program as leeway to the mentorship award.

For participation please contact:


How to Participate

  • Apply to the program as a mentee or as a mentor.
  • Submit applications between May 1st 2017 and August 16th 2017.
  • Submit the following information to
  1. Name and institution
  2. Potential mentor, or mentee
  3. Primary research interests (brief summary)
  4. Current position, field, and professional goals  
  5. Expectations from the mentorship program (e.g. discussion of research content, experimental techniques, career perspectives, grant applications, etc.)

What did mentees say about the Young Forum Mentorship Program?

  • „A lifetime opportunity to skip some steps on the ladder to experience. I was able to get in contact with experienced people who are willing and interested in helping and guiding me as a relativly new analyst.“
  • „Very good idea that was executed really well. It helped me a lot and I also had the feeling that mentors were enjoying it as well.“
  • „Very helpful and great way to meet some more experienced people within the field.“
  • „I think such a meeting is a nice door-opener and might get you in contact with established researchers. I enjoyed it. I got some information for potential future grant applications and some informal personal advice which I appreciate very much.“


How likely are you to recommend the Young Forum Mentorship Program?


  • Extremely likely
  • Very likely
  • Moderately likely
  • Slightly likely
  • Not at all likely 

  Become a member and join us at the ESMAC 2017 Annual meeting in Trondheim!