The accreditation of laboratories through the peer review process will not continue.
A new accreditation system is being developed and introduced.



Professor Jürg Baumann

Prof Baumann


1959: specialised in Surgery (Basel)

1963: specialised in Orthopaedics Developed neuro-orthopaedic unit

Developed Gait Laboratory in Basel

Thesis:  Gait Analysis based on cinematography and EMG



Professor of Orthopaedics (1983)
Strong link with David Sutherland
Pioneer of Gait Analysis in Europe


Year Place Name Image  Information
2014 Rome Tim Theologis   Baumann 2014 Information
2013 Glasgow Ilse Jonkers Jonkers Baumann 2013 Information
2012 Stockholm Carlo Frigo Carlo Frigo Baumann 2012 Information
2011 Vienna Anand Nene Nene Anand Baumann 2011 Information
2010 Miami Kaat Desloovere
2009 London At Hof Baumann 2009 Information
2008 Antalya John Patrick    
2007 Athens Ann Jenkinson    
2006 Amsterdam Richard Baker  
2005 Barcelona James Robb  
2004 Warsaw Peter Huijing    
2003 Marseille Diane Damiano  
2002 Leuven John O’Connor    
2001 Rome Reinald Brunner  

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